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On a conscious level, you have a strong desire for change. You think about it, decide to do it, summon up the willpower, make a commitment. This is all taking place in your conscious mind. Unfortunately, your unwanted habit or behavior is programmed deeply within your subconscious mind - and it's NOT on board with your decision to change.  When the two are not in agreement, the subconscious mind ALWAYS wins. Even if it's something you know is bad for you (like smoking), the subconscious mind doesn't view it that way. The subconscious mind doesn't have logic, reasoning or decision making within it. It just perceives it as a "known" and because the subconscious mind feels comfortable with all "knowns" (good or bad), it resists the change.  We call this homeostasis. That's why you often find yourself repeating certain undesired habits or behaviors.  It just happens automatically from deep within your subconscious mind.

The good news is that Hypnosis is the perfect vehicle to achieve your desired goals in a very relaxed and enjoyable way.  It's a powerful tool to modify behavior because it works at the subconscious level where you are receptive to positive change...but only when the conscious mind truly desires it.  This is why I cannot make you say, do or think anything that is against your will...the change has to be wanted by you.  

After bringing you into a relaxed state of hypnosis where the barrier that separates the conscious and the subconscious mind is pushed aside, I communicate directly with your subconscious mind in the language it understands, using key words, imagery and positive suggestions that are unique to you (that's why Hypnotherapy is a very personalized, one-on-one experience). If you're ready to achieve the changes you've desired for so long, let's talk!

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People are often surprised at how hard it is to get rid of an unwanted habit or behavior.  You want to believe that it's a matter of willpower but it really isn't, for willpower alone is seldom successful in permanently eliminating deeply rooted habits and behaviors. You keep asking yourself why you can't change, after all, it's something you really want. You're determined. You vow to have stronger willpower, but again it doesn't work.   

The reason it's been so hard to get rid of this unwanted habit or behavior is really very simple and when you realize why it's not working, you'll understand why hypnosis is such a great catalyst for positive change.