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How Many Sessions Will it Take?

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This is one of the most common questions I get asked when someone books a session.
Each person is a unique individual whose response to change is as varied as clouds in the sky.
It would be great if I could put you in hypnosis, wave my magical hypno wand, and "presto!" your issue is solved. While hypnosis is a powerful tool for change, it doesn't involve using supernatural powers. 

For the most part, you can start to experience change and improvement of your symptoms within a few sessions but that doesn't mean that you've reached your end goal, just that you're on your way. For some people, all it takes is 1-3 sessions while for others it might take 4-6 sessions or longer -- it really depends on the nature of your issue, how severe it is, how long you've had it, if there's any underlying issues, your goals, and your motivation/willingness for change*.

I practice "client centered" hypnotherapy. That means that each session revolves around what you need at the moment, not a cookie cutter plan of therapy. I always strive to have you reach your goal(s) within the best time frame possible. Emphasis is always placed on your well being: we will never move faster than you're able to, or go slower then necessary to get you back on track. 

Don't Give Up - There is Hope!

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*While hypnosis has a high success rate, no guarantees can be made.