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Hypnosis and Pain Management

I chose to write about Pain Management this month because it seems that almost every day I'm either meeting with or hearing about someone living with pain. Chronic pain, debilitating pain or nagging pain - it's now the topic of conversation everywhere. You hear about it from family, friends, the news, talk shows, ads, and of course Facebook.  I'm sure we all know someone whose life has been turned upside down from Cancer and Fibromyalgia.  Lower back, spine and knee pain are prevalent more than ever now and migraines have become commonplace.  Arthritis and joint pain are among a host of problems plaguing hundreds of thousands of people. When you add in a multitude of other ailments, it seems as though there's an epidemic of pain.

Long-term pain is overwhelming. Your life gets turned upside down when things you once enjoyed are no longer within reach.  Not knowing if you're going  to have a good or bad day makes planning events uncertain.  Anger, fear, frustration, depression and hopelessness start to take over while feelings of self-worth and self-image decrease.  Stress, depression, anxiety and other worsening changes in mood or behavior are known to increase pain levels.

Clinical studies around the world have all shown that the powerful effects of hypnosis can reduce pain levels and alleviate the psychological side effects that accompany it. Through hypnosis, pain signals are reduced down to a lower levels and negative feelings are eliminated. Positive feelings of contentment, happiness, joy, calm, self-esteem and hopefulness are reinforced and a new belief system falls into place.

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