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Go deep within your subconscious mind, to the part of you
that stores everything you've ever felt, thought or

throughout your entire existence -- without limitations on time or space.

What is a Past Life Regression?

A Past Life Regression (PLR) opens the door to your past life memories to gain insight and learn about what makes up the "whole" you. You weren't born in this lifetime as a blank slate but as a soul rich in the experiences of many lifetimes (some good and some bad). A PLR can shed light on who you are and why you're here. Throughout many of our lifetimes, we've experienced failures and mistakes, struggles, poverty, and traumatic or sudden deaths that left things unfinished. Other lifetimes were full of wisdom and enlightenment, great accomplishments, prosperity, generosity, happiness, joy, love, peace and contentment. By bringing these experiences to the conscious level, we can release the patterns that no longer serve us or absorb and lock in the beautiful feelings of joy and happiness from a wonderful past life.

What are the benefits of a Past Life Regression?

There are many reasons why people come to see me for a PLR session. Some are curious to find out who they might have been or what they did in a past life. Others are drawn to it because of a book they read or heard about a PLR experience from a friend or the Internet. For many, it's a way to gain an understanding of something in their life that perplexes them. It could be a relationship, health issues, feeling stuck, fears & anxieties or something that they are drawn to or repelled against but can't explain [a place, a person, an event, etc.].

I can help you to:
  -  Gain a deeper understanding of a relationship you might have with someone
      (family, love, friend, work, etc.). How this relationship played out in the past and
      how it's affecting your life today.

  -  Let go of fears and anxieties carried over from past life events. Many people find the 
     root cause of their fears to water, heights, closed in spaces, etc.
  -  Re-discover special talents and abilities you might have had in a past life. Have you 
     always felt a special attraction to teaching, medicine, ministering, healing, music or art? 
     Do some things just come very easy to you?
  -  Release past life traumas that may be causing you physical problems and unexplained
     pains. Sometimes mortal wounds or painful injuries from a past life can carry over into
     this lifetime.  
  -  Experience the transition of death and what happens immediately after (this is
     discussed beforehand to determine if it's something that you are open to experiencing).
  -  Become aware of some of the "Life Lessons" you were meant to accomplish.
  -  And much more...

Tell me about the session

We will go over all the basic information on how you can gain the most from this exciting and rewarding experience. We'll talk about what you hope to discover and set your intention. Your subconscious mind will determine which past lives will best answer your question(s) at this particular time. Sometimes you might experience a past life that you didn't ask for but will feel grateful because it explained something that needed to be addressed. Remember, you have all the answers within you! 

It's important to know that as a trained Past Life Regression specialist, I only ask open ended questions during your past life journey because this is YOUR story to tell and experience. Some of these questions will include: How old are you? Are you male or female? Describe what you look like, What year is it? Where do you live? What's happening? How do you feel? etc. I never ask a question that presumes something. Let's say that you are carrying a baby, I would never ask a question that implies the baby is your child. This would be leading you. I may ask who the baby is, leaving it up to you to tell me that it's yours or someone else's. I will always ask if you recognize a person that seems to be an important player in your past life. Many times you will recognize this person as someone you know in this life...but not always.

Now picture yourself in a very comfy recliner with a cozy blanket, the lights are dimmed and you're ready to experience an exciting adventure into a life that you may have lived before, being open and curious to who you may have been. You are taken into a deep and relaxing state of hypnosis and find it surprising that you aren't in a zombie-like trance, you're fully aware of everything and still have thoughts running through your head. You're now ready to begin the journey to one of your past lives.

What happens next is unique for each individual. From being part of an ancient tribe living in the jungle -  to the Wild West - to Egyptian or Medieval times - to being a soldier in a war, a teacher or even a plantation owner (or slave), each experience brings a depth of knowledge and understanding.

Rich or poor, good or bad, the experiences are not for judgment but to gain perspective on what they bring to help you understand your life today. It's like spinning the wheel on the Wheel of Fortune, you never know where it's going to land but each letter (like each life) helps you figure out the big picture.

I wonder...Who were you before this lifetime? What was your name? Where did you live? When did you live? What was your life like? Are you curious? Are you interested in finding out the answers?

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All PLR sessions come with a complimentary recording of your past life experience.

How will I experience my Past Life Regression?

Each person experiences a PLR in their own unique way. The most important thing to remember is that there is no "right or wrong" or "best way" to experience it. No matter how it comes to you, the inner knowledge and wisdom, the lessons learned, and the wealth of information you receive are just as powerful.
  -  You may see and experience it very vividly, as if you were actually re-living it.
You may feel emotions very strongly: smile with happiness at a joyful event or
      cry with sadness at a heartbreaking event.
  -  You may see and experience it "third person" or as though you were watching a movie unfold.
  -  You may see everything in great detail or just see flashes of images.
  -  You may only have a "knowing" but this knowing gives way to a very rich experience.

Renee Fossler, C.Ht. - Certified Hypnotherapist


"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.”

~ Wayne Dyer