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This months blog is going to be a little bit different. Instead of writing about a client's experience, I'm going to tell you a personal story of how Pre & Post Surgery Hypnosis made a enormous impact on someone who means the world to me, my husband.

My husband had a severe case of spinal stenosis and it was decided that surgery was his best option. We did our due diligence and found the perfect surgeon to perform the surgery. As with all pain and surgery related issues, I received permission from his doctor to do hypnosis.

The pre-surgery hypnosis addressed his fears (and there were many). Imagery was used to visualize himself walking, exercising, hiking and enjoying his life pain free. The IV was going to be an easy process because his veins would open and ready to receive all nutrients. His body was going to work in complete harmony with the surgeon, anesthesiologist and medical staff. I blocked him to negative self-talk and to any negative conversations/gossip that might occur in the operating room. Positive suggestions were given for a strong stomach and low pain levels when he woke up.The day of surgery, I desensitized any remaining apprehension, fear and stress, and reinforced positive suggestions of calmness and well being.

Entering the hospital, he felt calm, relaxed and confident that this was the day his life would begin to move forward. The IV went in easily. Originally scheduled for 1pm, the surgery got postponed to 7pm due to an emergency. When the Anesthesiologist came to visit us, I explained about the pre-surgery hypnosis and that my husband might respond more while needing less. To my surprise, the Anesthesiologist was extremely interested about hypnosis and we ended up spending almost 45 minutes discussing it. Finally it was time and I took my place out in the waiting room. Right before the surgery, the surgeon came out to explain that since the surgery was now taking place so late in the evening, he put in orders to have my husband spend the night in the hospital. Said that my husband wouldn't have enough time after the surgery to recover enough to go home. He anticipated him feeling sick, nauseous, dizzy and in pain, and thought it best for him to spend the night. 

When my husband awoke from the surgery, he looked at the nurse and announced that he was really hungry. They brought him a full dinner of chicken, rice, salad, pudding, diced peaches and milk. My husband ate everything. He felt great! We got word that the doctor re-evaluated his decision and thought that there was no reason for my husband to spend the night. We left at 10:30pm with 60 Oxycodone pills for pain.

One pill that night and 5 more over the next 2 1/2 days was all he needed. The hypnosis for pain management was working beautifully.  
At the post-op appointment, we were asked if we needed a refill. Refill? He only took 6 pills out of 60! They were was stunned. Said it's very unusual for someone not to get a refill and be so free from pain that soon after back surgery.


Why not give yourself or a loved one the extra added benefit of pre & post surgery hypnosis?
Although each client is unique and mileage does vary, one thing is crystal clear:

The results of numerous scientific studies and clinical trials, from major medical centers and universities throughout the US and around the world, consistently show that hypnosis before surgery is a very powerful tool.

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