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Hypnotherapy versus Stage Hypnosis

One of the most common misconceptions I hear from people about hypnotherapy and hypnosis in general, is that they mix up stage hypnosis with clinical therapeutic hypnotherapy. Can you make me cluck like a chicken? They are very concerned about making a fool out of themselves by doing or saying embarrassing or revealing things under hypnosis. They witnessed a stage show and fear that they will experience something similar. Hopefully this will clear up any misconceptions.

Stage Hypnosis

This is for entertainment purposes only. It is NOT therapy - but a stage show designed to make you laugh and have fun. It's usually performed at a comedy club, party, cruise or other group event and it consists of willing participants, an audience, wild and crazy stunts, and funny and/or embarrassing moments for those participants on stage. It's for laughs only.

Clinical Based Hypnotherapy

This is a one-on-one therapeutic session done in a private office setting. You're in a safe and trusting environment as we talk about your issues and goals before going into hypnosis. Each session is client centered, geared to your specific needs. You will never be embarrassed because the goal of Hypnotherapy is not for entertainment but to overcome issues that are keeping you from enjoying life. Very rarely do you even talk in hypnosis. Unless we're doing a past life regression or a verbal imagery journey, you are just listening to me speak. You are in control of yourself at all times and in charge of what you say to me (if anything). No spilling the beans, no zombie like trance, no mind control. It's just not matter what you've seen on TV or in the movies.